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with an
Dramatic Recitations
of Old & New Poems that
Stir the Heart,
Fire the Soul,
and Pique the

Website last updated: 02-Jan-2019

Most Recent Performance:
Live Bard Reciting Veterans Day 2018

Veteran's Day, Sunday, November 11th, 2018
“Not For The Faint of Heart”

The Poetry of Modern War

Hosted by:
Enlightened  Studios

Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Selections Included:

Knowlt Hoheimer              by: Edgar Lee Masters

Charge of the Light Brigade  by: Alfred Tennyson

Tommy                 by: Rudyard Kipling

The Fool               by: Robert Service

Ben Bolt               by: Thomas Dunn English

Afternoon Tea                   by: Robert Service

Cycles                    by: Seán Jennett

The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner by: Randall Jarrell

Dulce et Decorum Est                      by Wilfred Owen

Memorial Day                    by: Peter J. Thomas

Drums of the Fore and Aft (excerpts)  by Rudyard Kipling

Ode to a Senior Drill Instructor    by: Peter J. Thomas

The Man From Athabaska            by: Robert Service


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"Emerald Coast Magazine" Article on
the Live Bard



Reciting in Duluth August 2018


Now in Our 14th Year of
" Bringing Poetry to the People"


The Live Bard
is a wandering performer who renders
dramatic recitations of the venerated
works of celebrated dead poets

Alfred Tennyson     Rudyard Kipling
W. H. Auden          Edgar Allen Poe
Ambrose Bierce           Hilaire Belloc
Charles Baudelaire
Sir William Schwenk Gilbert
Roald Dahl          George R. Sims
Robert W. Service
Ernest Lawrence Thayer
Edward Arlington Robinson
Alfred Noyes      Lewis Carroll
Charles Bukowski
H. Antoine D'Arcy
William Shakespeare
& Many Others
as well as
His Own Curmudgeonly Musings
on the Vicissitudes of Contemporary Life

(Click on the hightlighted names above
for sample texts of recitations.
Please note that these host sites may
modify or delete their content
without our knowledge.)


Available for public or private performances.
There is only one Live Bard .
Accept NO substitutes !

the Live Bard at Spring Green

The Live Bard,
Performing at Spring Green, Wisconsin, 2008



During the span of human existence prior to the advent of the printing press, storytellers wandered Eurasia, recounting the fables of vengeful gods, or the heroic sagas and hapless yarns of mortal human beings.

It was through these itinerant performers, or “bards,” that ancient or medieval communities could learn of the legends of their age: The caprice of deities on Mount Olympus, the exploits of the Trojan Wars, or, as the centuries progressed, the epic poems of Beowulf or Siegfried, and the gallantry of King Arthur's knights.

As wandering entertainers, bards had knowledge of cities and lands that rural folk, bound to the soil, could never hope to experience. Accordingly, a bard was welcomed by villagers as a novelty; he was both a provider of news and a purveyor of dreams, and his historical or mythological accounts offered momentary escape from the daily routine of mundane existence.

It is in this spirit that the Live Bard travels about today, reciting dramatic tales that appeal to all ages.  People from all walks of life still enjoy live performances of narrative verse, those chronicles of real or imaginary events that often utilize the prosodic tools of meter and rhyme to convey their captivating tales.

We hope to see you soon.


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